Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whoa-oh, we're halfway there.....kinda.

So I got my mandalorian kit in today and I was able to paint the torso, sholder bells and the thigh + shin guards.

I noticed after I started painting that this mandalorian must have been a green bay packers fan....I swear its a coincidence.

Oh well, i think it looks good. Here's what I got so far:

Everything so far - only the torso pieces have been dirtied up, only so many hours in the day:

Torso and shoulder bells:

Close up of the torso - maybe you can see some weathering:

Even closer close up of the weathering on the torso:

Shoulder bells (not dirtied yet):

Thigh and shin (also not dirtied) - green bay packers shot (lol):

Thigh and shins - non green bay:

And no mandalorian is complete without a weapon. Here are some pics of the Nerf Longshot I painted:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My current project...

So I've been itching to make a prop costume whatever for a while, and I decided on a Mandalorian set. So far I've only acquired the helmet, which looked like this when I started:

The big blob of pinkish red is bondo. I used it to fill in the dent that comes on the casts because the helmets are cast from a Boba Fett mold, and his helmet has a ding there. Obviously, my helmet doesn't have the same ding as the Fett man, so out it went.

After applying two coats of silver Krylon Fusion primer, masking out the "battle damage" with toothpaste (its what lets you see the silver thru the rest of the paint as it was the first coat), then painting blue paint for the visor, masking it off with tape, then spraying yellow on the top right side of the helmet for the stripes and putting 5 pieces of masking tape over it before finally spraying the whole thing (masked with tape and colorless art masking fluid) two shades of green and blotting it with a mixture of 3 different acrylic paints (2 brownish and one black)...whew that was a long sentence....I got this:
And a side view....

And the other side....
I tried to get some close up pictures of the "dirtying" effect, but they didn't turn out very well, so there ya go.

When I get more money I'm gonna get the set of armor and do it, but in the meantime I'll be painting my Nerf Longshot to go with the costume.